cover image Looking for a Sign

Looking for a Sign

Susie Dumond. Dial, $18 trade paper (336p) ISBN 978-0-593-59627-2

Dumond’s triumphant sophomore outing (after Queerly Beloved) finds heroine Gray hesitant to reenter the dating scene after ending her relationship with her partner of 10 years. Being new to New Orleans, where she’s living in the garage apartment of her childhood best friend Cherry and working in PR for a local private school, doesn’t boost Gray’s confidence, but she wants nothing more than to find a wife, settle down, and have kids. Prompted by a visit to a local astrologer, she challenges herself to go on a date with one person with each astrological sign in a mission to figure out which sign she’s most compatible with. Dumond makes this premise sing, and the unusual structure keeps the true love interest an exciting mystery as readers catalog Gray’s dates with anticipation—which one will be the right match? As it turns out, Gray’s perfect relationship may be with someone entirely unexpected. Blending humor, tenderness, and a deep knowledge of astrology, this joyful queer romp will tickle anyone who believes that love is written in the stars. Agent: Jamie Carr, Book Group. (June)