Between Eden and the Open Road

Philip Gaber. Philip Gaber, $9.99 paper (184p) ISBN 978-0-615-58586-4
This collection of flash fiction and poetry roams streets and neighborhoods, bars and bedrooms, presenting a varied cast of characters. From a svelte blonde from Louisville, Ky., who “confessed to having a/ pool-hall education” to a man who’s “the Monday morning of human beings,” every character on these pages is drawn in exacting—and quirky—details. Throughout, the author provides an intimate look at his characters, all the while keeping them distant and mysterious. These are people observed, and to hear them speak is to eavesdrop on the fantastical mixed with the everyday. Conversations fill the pages. While most of the pieces, such as “the old morality was still hanging around,” rejoice in hard-edged women like Hannah Morgenstern, who “seduced the wind/with her hair and/ colored herself a blue funk,” men do make their way into these poems, too. Readers with a beat sensibility and a desire to wander the crowded roads and alleyways of people’s minds will find much to enjoy here.
Reviewed on: 12/24/2012
Release date: 06/01/2012
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