I'm Bored!

Christine Schneider, Author, Herve Pinel, Illustrator Clarion Books $15 (36p) ISBN 978-0-618-65760-5
This charming if slim tale from a French team introduces a disgruntled young critter whose complaints of boredom fall on deaf parental ears. Sulkily entering his bedroom, Charlie kicks his teddy bear, which springs to life, accusing his owner of no longer paying attention to him (""I get nothing-not a hug, not even a tickle! I'm bored!""). After a toy robot and donkey air similar grievances, Charlie galvanizes the trio, pledging he's ""going to get rid of Boredom!"" Observing that his cluttered desk is ""bored to death,"" the youngster and his toys use books and other items to transform it into a Monster Who Eats Boredom. Their next plan of attack involves positioning a toy castle and soldiers high on a hill (fashioned from a blanket), to create a fortress to fend off boredom. Charlie's parents and sister open the door and break the spell, accusing the lad of making a mess of his room. Charlie's drab response trumpets the book's message: ""Clean stuff is boring.... If we play something, we won't get bored!"" Pinel's pastel art makes for the winning component here, featuring comic details and a palette that shifts from nearly monochromatic to cheerfully hued once Charlie's imagination fires up. This tale may well inspire under-stimulated kids to ignite their own imaginations. Ages 3-7.
Reviewed on: 04/03/2006
Release date: 04/01/2006
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