cover image Great American Cookies

Great American Cookies

Lorraine E. Bodger, Author ARCO $17.95 (168p) ISBN 978-0-668-06507-8

Artist and author Bodger (her illustrations accompany the text) questions why most cookie cookbooks organize recipes by method (rolled, molded, pressed or refrigerator cookies). When she makes cookies, she explains, she wants a cookbook to tell her such information as whether the recipe is quick to make, easy for children to assemble and the like. She has divided this book into such chaptersincluding also holiday cookies, crunchy cookies, old favoritesand that is what sets her cookbook apart as special: the organization is sensible. The recipes themselves are standard and straightforward, from simple brownies and sugar or chocolate chip cookies to florentines and palmiers with raspberry jam. Bodger provides detailed ingredient information and baking tips, making this book highly recommended for the novice cook and cookie-lover. Major ad/promo; Better Homes & Gardens Cooking Club main selection; Better Homes & Gardens Crafts Club featured alternate; author tour. October 21