The Silver Cup

Constance Leeds, Author Viking Children's Books $16.99 (212p) ISBN 978-0-670-06157-0
Leeds's first novel closely examines cultural tensions between Christians and Jews in the years leading up to the First Crusade. Anna, a 15-year-old German girl, tends to her father, Gunther, and cousin, Martin, doing her best to keep their house in order, though her critical aunt often makes her feel inadequate (""What are you doing you useless snail?... The chickens are hungry. The house is a mess!""). Anna dreams of journeying beyond her small medieval village, but in 1095, her options are limited. Amid widespread hostility toward Jews, Pope Urban calls for a Crusade to the Holy Land, and Martin decides to join (""Think of the riches and the glory!... I should love to see Jerusalem and kill an infidel""). Anna and her father travel to Worms days after an army of Crusaders obliterates the city's Jewish Quarter. Amid the rubble, Anna discovers Leah, the only survivor of the attack. Leah's sole reminder of her family is a small silver cup that belonged to her brother. Anna insists on bringing Leah home despite the consequences: Anna is shunned and mocked by family and friends, and Gunther fears for both girls' safety. Ultimately, Anna finds a true friend in Leah, and Leeds uses their friendship to great effect as the girls form a close bond, allowing a glimmer of hope to shine through the rampant prejudice. Other subplots, including the disappearance of one of Anna's cousins, factor in, but it is Anna's feisty nature and her determination to stand up for her personal ideals that should win her many admirers. Ages 12-up.
Reviewed on: 04/02/2007
Release date: 04/01/2007
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