cover image Why Work: Leading the New Generation

Why Work: Leading the New Generation

Michael Maccoby, Author Simon & Schuster $18.45 (0p) ISBN 978-0-671-47281-8

Psychologist Maccoby (The Leader, The Gamesman) here examines how basic ""value drives''survival, pleasure, mastery, dignity, etc.function in a rapidly evolving American social order of indulgent affluence, entrepreneurial work-as-play and dual-career parenthood. What happens, for example, when quality-conscious workers are allowed to stop the assembly line? New employee-participation policies, like those of AT & T and SAS, among others, not only can enhance consumer satisfaction, Maccoby suggests, but also revolutionize the workplace social climate in terms of human values. In the technological age, argues the author, management innovators must grant workers free expression, ``respect as adults,'' access to information, clear notice of expectations and competent coaching to develop their potential. As incisive and temperate guidance for today's imperfectly understood social challenges, this work should prove invaluable. First serial to Spectrum magazine, Fortune Book Club alternate; author tour. (March)