cover image The Switching Hour: Kids of Divorce Say Good-bye Again

The Switching Hour: Kids of Divorce Say Good-bye Again

Evon O. Flesberg, . . Abingdon, $14 (119pp) ISBN 978-0-687-64976-1

While underdeveloped, this well-intentioned attempt at listening to the heartbreaking voices of children of divorce struggle between two households merits some serious attention. A pastor and counselor in Nashville, Tenn., Flesberg offers eight brief chapters delineating the conflicts children express, in letters and quotes, as they are literally torn between lives with mothers and fathers, lost in the “liminal” place somewhere in between. They bemoan not seeing both parents every day and having constantly to move between two places they are supposed to call home. They express frustration at always being in a state of expectation, guilt and sometimes terrible disappointment, such as when a parent doesn't show up. The children do not look forward to stressful holidays, deflecting attacks by one parent at another or having to accept new step-family. As well, children relay their questions and confusions regarding their relations with God, Christian or otherwise. In review chapters and checklists, Flesberg gears this guidebook toward divorced parents who need and want to ease their children's bewilderment and distress. There is a great deal of important information, although it deserves much more development than this slim book provides. (Jan.)