cover image A Bear for Christmas

A Bear for Christmas

Holly Keller, Author Greenwillow Books $12.95 (32p) ISBN 978-0-688-05988-0

Joey, too young to read the tag on a big package from Grandma that says ""to Joey,'' has to ask Mama about it. She replies, ``Drink your milk,'' so Joey knows it's for him. She puts it away, but Joey can't resist; he hunts for it, opens it and finds a bear as big as he isalmost. His friend Arnold wants to see the bear, so Joey accomodates him, but a tussle develops when Joey wants to leave the package alone, and the bear gets ripped. Joey is miserable up until Christmas, when his mother presses the package on him, and Joey opens it. Mama has fixed the bear, because ``I peeked, too,'' she says. Anyone who has ever ``peeked'' and spoiled a surprise will share Joey's miseryself-inflicted and far more effective than any parentally inspired penance. Cheerful pictures wrap the lessons of human fallibility as neatly as December's first package. (3-8)