cover image Short, Short, Short Stories

Short, Short, Short Stories

William Accorsi, Author Greenwillow Books $13.95 (32p) ISBN 978-0-688-10180-0

An extensive assortment of animals and people star in these 12 strange and very brief tales. Consisting of little more than a few lines apiece, each scenario is cleverly laid out on two consecutive pages, creating a provocative guessing game for the reader. Visually and verbally, the first page presents a predicament, while the next page reveals the solution. Action abounds as quick-thinking Peg Leg Pete plugs the leak in his sinking ship, Mr. Snake hitches a ride on turtleback, and birds nest in Aunt Priscilla's new hat. Rendered in a primitive, folk art style, Accorsi's stiff, two-dimensional figures--all appear in profile except for Ophelia the Octopus--lack warmth, though they make up for it in wit and style. Children will enjoy puzzling over the silly oddities depicted here and may be encouraged to create stories of their own. Ages 4-up. (Oct.)