The White Working Class Today: Who They Are, How They Think and How Progressives Can Regain Their Support

Andrew Levison. Democratic Strategist, $12 paper (302p) ISBN 978-0-692-01979-5
In the wake of the 2012 presidential election, Levinson makes a convincing argument that—despite claims to the contrary from some political strategists—the Democratic Party still needs the support of the white working class. In presenting his case that this portion of the electorate is still vital to the success of progressives, Levinson offers up a host of facts and figures while shattering stereotypes of the white working class as a diminished and largely conservative group. Regardless of one's political affiliation, Levison's thesis is fascinating and well articulated. His book raises important questions about the future of American politics, while also offering useful insights on the distinctions between media stereotypes and real-world complexity and between self-referential political pros and those genuinely concerned with common problems.
Reviewed on: 08/26/2013
Release date: 04/01/2013
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