Fayla Ott. Heritage House, $12.99 trade paper (290p) ISBN 978-0-692-19705-9
A battle of good and evil plays out during the Salem Witch Trials in this haunting inspirational from Ott (A Time to Heal). Lydia Knapp and three of her friends ask Ann Putnam, the daughter of an established local family, to lead them to clairvoyant slave Tituba. Lydia is looking for the name of her future husband, but instead she unknowingly opens a door to evil. Meanwhile, the demon Sonneillon, along with three other demons, has been called to Salem for the upcoming witch trials, and Tituba’s ritual helps their cause. When Tituba predicts that death is coming, Ann forces everyone into silence. But soon, two girls who accompanied Lydia come down with a strange sickness blamed on demonic possession, and the town of Salem is thrown into an uproar. With angels of God posted on guard (unbeknownst to Salem’s Christians, whose prayers summoned them), awaiting permission from angel Raphael to intervene, Sonneillon and his demons put Lucifer’s plans into action by possessing anyone they can. With the angels holding on to the prayers of the faithful few and awaiting more faithful adherents to create a “prayer cover” so that they can intervene, Lydia must confront her family’s dark history and the role they played in bringing about the trials. Ott skillfully recasts the Salem Witch Trials as a Christian battle for the soul of the New World in this thrilling tale. (BookLife)
Reviewed on : 07/23/2019
Release date: 09/01/2018
Genre: Inspirational Fiction
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