cover image Murder on the Orion Express

Murder on the Orion Express

Nate Streeper. Listic, $9.99 trade paper (232p) ISBN 978-0-692-95663-2

Streeper’s first Alan Blades adventure, a humorous and energetic murder mystery aboard a space ship, delivers distinctive settings and quick-thinking characters. Frumpy private detective Blades and his partner, Gina, were fired from the GalactiCop force for botching an arrest of Denreiker, crime lord of the Leviathan Syndicate. Now they live on the backwater planet of Fillion. Blades reluctantly agrees to accompany his ex-wife’s sister, Alice, to the prime world of New Gaia, and hops on a freighter, planning to dock with the mile-long Orion Express cruiser in space. After the freighter’s security agent, Dave, is murdered, Blades launches an investigation with the help of his ditzy pocket computer, Listic, and brainy Alice. The suspects include unsavory actors Bertle and Donna; creepy politician Mannigan and his toady assistant, Loche; shifty trench coat–wearing Ken; and sophisticated gentleman John Smith, who has a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist and is accompanied by his sexbot, Bliss. Blades must solve the murder before space pirates bent on plunder and enslavement attack the Orion Express. After a lengthy introduction establishing the world and characters, the pace quickens as Blades and Alice go into action. Streeper’s fresh writing and flowing prose propel the story, and fans will enjoy his homages to science fiction and mystery classics. (BookLife)