cover image Nameless


A.C. Williams. Crosshair/Steel Rigg (, $14.99 ISBN 978-0-69220-476-4

In the first book of the Destiny trilogy, a woman’s lost memories bring mysterious syndicates to her doorstep, willing to ignite a war to capture her. Xander’s only hope is to find a neurotherapist who may be able to unlock her secrets, but her journey is fraught with questionable loyalties, sociopathic hunters, and rocky romances. When Xander is saved from an ambush by bounty hunters on a rickety ship, she desperately clings to them despite her suspicions that they have ties to those who chase her. Central to Williams’s story are two questions: how much should one sacrifice one’s present life because of mistakes or forgotten memories, and how much does the past define current and future identity? The religious elements of the narrative feel jarring and forced, but they are far and few in between, though foreshadowing suggests further development of those elements in subsequent installments. Williams’s prose is serviceable, and she straddles the lines between conventional and unconventional science fiction thrillers, offering an easy-to-read but thoughtful and dark tale that holds promise. [em](Dec.) [/em]