cover image Sarah Anne’s Faithful Friends

Sarah Anne’s Faithful Friends

Cathy Lynn Bryant and Jessica Dorman. Bryant Dorman, $12.25 trade paper (314p) ISBN 978-0-6925-6298-7

In the fourth book of the Unshakable Faith series, the mother-and-daughter writing team of Bryant and Dorman return to pre-Revolutionary War Massachusetts to continue the tale of Sarah Anne Swyndhurst. Having suffered the loss of both her husband and her son, Sarah travels to the home of Daniel and Joanna Thompson to help with the birth of their third child. Soon after giving birth, Joanna, realizing that she is dying, asks Daniel to marry Sarah after she is gone. This way, Sarah can take care of her family and Daniel can take care of the young widow. At first, both Daniel and Sarah reject the idea, but in time they agree to a celibate marriage of convenience. All goes well until Joanna’s estranged brother George arrives to make trouble. Angry at Sarah for stepping into Joanna’s place, he is determined to do all he can to make her leave. Although this is part of a series, the book functions well as a standalone. While the writing is somewhat formal and the characters’ emotions are restrained, these traits reflect prim and proper 18th-century society. Bryant and Dorman invite readers to escape into the past in this enjoyable work of historical Christian fiction. (BookLife)