cover image Secrets of the Witch: An Initiation into Our History and Our Wisdom

Secrets of the Witch: An Initiation into Our History and Our Wisdom

Julie Légère and Elsa Whyte, illus. by Laura Pérez. Wide Eyed, $22.99 (80p) ISBN 978-0-7112-5799-3

The history of witchcraft from antiquity to the modern day unfolds in this artful guide. Directly addressing apprenticing witches, Légère and Whyte write in an intimate storytelling style: “Dear sister, If this book has found its way into your possession, then it means it is time for you to begin your apprenticeship.” Collage-like spreads featuring haunting, stylized imagery by Pérez approach a broad range of topics explored in short, approachable sections. The authors examine changing perceptions of magic and witchcraft throughout time (with notable focus on the persecution of alleged witches), providing intriguing reflections on how events and cultural zeitgeists have influenced such perceptions: “Having fallen into relative obscurity in the 18th century, we began to be talked about once more in the following decade.” Additional sections introduce common practices and divination tools, famed witches of the past, and concepts and materials relating to witchery. Readers curious about the broader roots and evolution of witchcraft will find a valuable resource in this elegant and insightful volume. Ages 9–14. (Aug.)