cover image Still Waters

Still Waters

Marilyn Todd, Severn, $28.95 (224p) ISBN 9780-7278-6899-2

In Todd's well-plotted third mystery set in fifth-century B.C.E. Greece, Lysander, the head of the Spartan secret police known as the Krypteia, again turns for help to Iliona, the high priestess of the Temple of Eurotas and sometime sleuth, though she's still recovering from the murderous attack on her at the end of 2009's Blood Moon. Gregos, the agent Lysander assigned to investigate thefts from several caravans transporting gold dust, is missing and presumed dead. Another suspicious death follows when Olympic wrestling champion Nobilor's chariot, which apparently was tampered with, crashes into a ravine. Todd does a good job of laying out the military and political situation of the day, but the repeated use of such modern idioms as "trophy wife" and "love 'em and leave 'em" will jar on the ears of readers who prefer more formal speech in their ancient historicals. Still, everyone will appreciate the solid puzzle and the intriguing lead character. (July)