The Company

Sally Spencer. Severn, $29.99 (288p) ISBN 978-0-7278-9094-8
Set in Cheshire, this engrossing suspense novel from British author Spencer (The Stalker) revolves around Conroy Enterprises, a conglomerate run by Charlie Conroy. Both feared and respected, Charlie is preparing to retire when a car accident in South Wales kills multiple family members, including his heir apparent, Tony. Only two survive the crash: grandson Rob Conroy, and Tony’s executive assistant, Bill Harper. Another family member, Rob’s cousin Philip Conroy, was not on the road trip. As Rob recuperates, Charlie dies of natural causes, and the will puts Philip in charge of the company. Bill supports Philip in the anticipated fight for control, but Rob has no objections and wants only to run his small publishing company. Two others, however, have a vested interest in the future of Conroy Enterprises and its new regime: Chief Insp. Owen Flint of the South Wales Police, who attended Oxford with Rob, and private detective Marie O’Hara. Owen and Marie each have a theory about the accident, which wasn’t an accident at all, and why it may have happened when it did. A solid plot, intriguing characters, and plenty of red herrings add up to a winner. Spencer consistently delivers the goods. (May)
Reviewed on : 04/15/2021
Release date: 05/01/2021
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
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