cover image Bucky Katt's Big Book of Fun: A Get Fuzzy Treasury

Bucky Katt's Big Book of Fun: A Get Fuzzy Treasury

Darby Conley. Andrews McMeel Publishing, $16.99 (256pp) ISBN 978-0-7407-4136-4

Voted the Best Comic Strip of 2002 by the National Cartoonists Society, Conley's Get Fuzzy friends are no Garfield and Odie. Wacky, hilarious and charming, this second compilation of Conley's characters (following on the heels of Sept. 2002's Groovitude: A Get Fuzzy Treasury) touches on the intricacies of inter-species affairs in a New York City apartment. Human Rob Wilco, impudent feline Bucky Katt and soft-hearted mutt (but don't call him that to his face) Satchel Pooch form a lovable trio whose differing personalities make for great comedy. Whether the storyline features Satchel's sweet innocence and ignorance of the world around him, Bucky's schemes and wise-ass, sarcastic remarks, or Rob's (or Pinky, as Bucky likes to call him) flip acceptance of his pets' polar opposite personalities, Conley's comic strip strikes home with its candid, funny and heart-warming portrayal of three very different dispositions co-existing under one roof.