You and Your Money: It's More Than Just the Numbers

Alvin Hall, Author, Karl Weber, With Atria Books $24 (303p) ISBN 978-0-7432-7958-1
In this thoughtful, fresh guide to personal finance management, author and BBC television personality Hall approaches money as something ""deeply intertwined with our emotional lives,"" a quantity that plays ""a powerful role in our personal relationships."" As such, Hall examines money as closely as its interpersonal influence: ""Any kind of major life change-even a positive one, like a dramatic increase in your income-can produce dangerous stresses in your relationships."" In chapters with titles such as ""Money and Your Parents,"" ""Money and your Peers"" and ""Money and Your Partner,"" Hall starts with a short self-assessment quiz-which by itself will get readers thinking differently about money-followed by a thorough discussion of the issues: ""Money Personalities, Balanced and Unbalanced,"" ""What Did Money Mean in Your Family?"" and ""Dealing with the Trauma of Inheritance,"" among others. Hall wisely focuses on making this book a reader-friendly experience; summaries in ""The Bottom Line"" and ""Take-Aways"" make for easy skimming, and issues are consistently supported by emotional, true-life tales of financial strife. This book functions a bit like one-stop self-help, giving readers insight into money, relationships and themselves.
Reviewed on: 01/29/2007
Release date: 02/01/2007
Genre: Nonfiction
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