cover image Hunterland


Dana Claire. CamCat, $19.99 (272p) ISBN 978-0-7443-0734-4

Claire’s action-driven supernatural debut follows 18-year-old Olivia Davis and her family, who are abruptly thrust into a world of ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and more. When several mysterious deaths by hanging bring acerbic 18-year-old Liam Hunter and his family of monster slayers to her small town of Falkville Falls, Liv and Liam immediately butt heads; it doesn’t matter that Liam saved Liv’s 14-year-old troublemaking sister, Pepper, from a frightening creature. Forced by her town sheriff father to work with the Hunter family and ensure Falkville Falls’ survival, Liv struggles to come to terms with her father’s and Pepper’s secretive natures, and her growing feelings for Liam amid preternatural strife. Several plot points feel underdeveloped, including lore surrounding enigmatic serum shots containing a magic drug that “heightened our senses, gave us super strength, and quickened our reflexes.” Liv and Liam’s alternating perspectives construct an intriguing mystery that uncovers a deeper connection between the Davis family and the deaths, along with a greater conflict that leaves even the terrifying supernatural monsters on edge. It’s a satisfactory addition to the meta of fast-paced paranormal adventures. Main characters default to white. Ages 13–up. (Feb.)