cover image The Chariots of Calyx

The Chariots of Calyx

Rosemary Rowe, . . Headline, $9.99 (271pp) ISBN 978-0-7472-6519-1

British author Rowe's growing reputation as an outstanding Roman historical mystery writer, second only to Steven Saylor, will be burnished by her latest outing, featuring a tricky bit of fair play in the best tradition of golden age masters like Christianna Brand. At the behest of Britain's governor, Libertus—a former slave turned mosaic maker—looks into the strangulation death of Caius Monnius, a wealthy Roman in charge of corn distribution in Londinium. Concerned that the killing might have political implications, the governor directs Libertus to solve the crime as quickly as possible. The quest leads the sleuth to the corrupt world of chariot racing after a leading driver is accused of the murder. Rowe, a distinguished academic, excels at drawing the reader into second-century Roman Britain, effortlessly inserting historical context as well as clues. Her sympathetic hero will engage mystery fans and readers of the classics alike. (Oct.)