cover image The Sleeping God

The Sleeping God

Violette Malan, . . DAW, $15 (437pp) ISBN 978-0-7564-0446-8

Combining classic heroic fantasy with a metaphysical twist, Malan (The Mirror Prince ) introduces the Mercenary Brotherhood and two of its most fascinating members: Dhulyn Wolfshead, a psychically gifted former slave, and Parno Lionsmane, a rugged exiled nobleman. Their assignment seems simple: deliver Mar-eMar, a young orphan, to her distant relatives of the demi-royal Tenebro House in Imrion’s capital, Gotterang. The trip quickly turns complicated and dangerous as they encounter the deadly persecution of the Marked, supernaturally talented people whom the fanatical New Believers think are trying to wake the Sleeping God and destroy the world. Parno must confront his noble past and Dhulyn fight the limitations of her visions as they battle the elusive, terrifying Green Shadow, who’s manipulating the New Believers for his own ends. Malan’s sometimes wordy, philosophical musings weigh down the action, but she makes up for it with abundant swordplay and the protagonists’ strong, entertaining partnership. (Aug.)