cover image Life Guards in the Hamptons

Life Guards in the Hamptons

Celia Jerome. DAW, $7.99 mass market (320p) ISBN 978-0-7564-0725-4

Fans of Jerome’s Willow Tate, a cheerfully melodramatic writer and Visualizer, will find much to enjoy in her fourth adventure. Willow tries to stay away from her psychic-ridden hometown of Paumanok Harbor and its hunky but incontrovertibly normal veterinarian, Matt, but is inevitably drawn back by a combination of mysteries, family obligations, and savage arthropods. Her part in the rescue of sea god M’ma (in 2011’s Fire Works in the Hamptons) has attracted more supernatural attention, including a seabird with a speech impediment and a vengeful sea serpent bent on destroying Paumanok Harbor. Willow is an unlikely but affable protagonist, undercutting her neurotic self-absorption with cheerful humor and a strong desire to perform good deeds. Unfortunately, she never actually does very much, and the big climaxes aren’t so much experienced as discussed at length. Agent: Anne Bohner, Pen & Ink Literary. (May)