cover image Killer Colas: The Hard Truth About Soft Drinks

Killer Colas: The Hard Truth About Soft Drinks

Nancy Appleton and G.N. Jacobs. Square One, $15.95 trade paper (144p) ISBN 978-0-7570-0341-7

Following the success of their previous book, Suicide By Sugar, anti-sugar crusader Appleton reteams with journalist Jacobs for this treatise devoted to the evils of soft drinks, energy beverages, enhanced waters, and more. Sugary drinks affect body chemistry, creating conditions that can result in health problems including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and strokes. To the authors, sugar is sugar; if it's sweet, it's probably not healthy. Appleton and Jacobs don't mince words: sugar is killing us, and soda is, more or less, likened to poison. Their one-track thesis makes for a chastening read, particularly for those who find themselves and their families addicted to soda or convinced by marketing that some sweeteners are healthier than others. However, it's difficult to refute their compelling, science-based claims. The history of soda advertising is a story of manipulation that savvy Americans should know, and the litany of health effects attributed to the sugary beverages is sobering. (July)