God Ain't Blind

Mary Monroe, Author . Dafina $24 (320p) ISBN 978-0-7582-1221-4

Hilarious, raunchy soul sistahs Annette Davis and Rhoda O'Toole return in this latest wacky adventure in Monroe's God series (God Don't Play , etc.). This time, Rhoda persuades her 46-year-old BFF to have an affair since Pee Wee, Annette's husband, hasn't touched his newly svelte wife in a year. Pee Wee has cancer, but doesn't tell his wife until he's cured so she's ripe for the picking. Rhoda sees nothing wrong with discreet adultery: she's been having an affair for years with her husband Otis's best friend, Bully Bullard. Sexy caterer Louis Baines, who's 30, woos Annette with all the right moves, and Annette finds him irresistible until it turns out he's after her money. Another extreme annoyance is Rhoda's 19-year-old Naomi Campbell look-alike daughter, Jade, who wreaked havoc in Annette's life by trying to steal Pee Wee and has come home with a Mexican hottie who chickens out on marrying her. Monroe's never better than when she's writing about Annette and Rhoda, an outrageous Lucy & Ethel–style African-American comedy duo who are always getting in trouble. (Sept.)