cover image The Naptime Chef: 
Fitting Great Food into Family Life

The Naptime Chef: Fitting Great Food into Family Life

Kelsey Banfield. Running, $23 (224p) ISBN 978-0-7624-4212-6

Banfield started her blog after her daughter was born. A self-professed foodie, Banfield was frustrated by her inability to cook good food and care for a baby at the same time. She became “focused on preparing food efficiently while still maintaining quality and taste.” She found that her daughter’s naptime provided her with the time she needed to once again assemble delicious meals. Assuming that your child naps, that you are home when these naps take place, and that you yourself don’t partake in “sleeping when the baby sleeps,” Banfield might just provide the answers you’ve been looking for regarding making satisfying meals for your family. She addresses working parents, suggesting “be a bedtime chef and prepare dinner ahead for the next day.” She also suggests cooking while your children are at, say, soccer practice, so you had better hope your kids are athletic as well as good sleepers. The book contains some tasty recipes such as sweet potato and lentil stew, artichoke lasagna, Dutch oven pulled pork, and pumpkin spice bars with maple cream cheese frosting. Banfield’s make-ahead tips, like how to properly store certain foods like guacamole and toasted almonds, are also helpful. Agent: Jenni Ferrari-Adler. (Apr.)