Emily's Ice Dancing Show

Rosalinda Kightley, paper engineering by Richard Ferguson, Barron's, $14.99 (10p) ISBN 978-0-7641-6369-2

In a cheery, snowy world, paper doll–like Emily wants to become an ice skater. Readers meet Emily as she watches other girls glide on an ice pond (with the help of tabs), then struggles to learn how to skate. Moving a tab side-to-side makes Emily "a bit wibbly-wobbly," while another causes her to perform a misstep in ice-dancing class. After much practice, she gets a part in a show and, on the final pop-up spread, Emily pirouettes on the ice pull-strings. The pop-up finale is a bit lackluster, but the other interactive features (like a wheel that lets Emily try on different costumes) should appeal to aspiring ice princesses. Ages 3–up. (Oct.)