cover image The Kingdom Beyond the Waves

The Kingdom Beyond the Waves

Stephen Hunt, . . Tor, $25.95 (556pp) ISBN 978-0-7653-2043-8

A delightful, thrill-packed adventure set in the world of 2008’s Court of the Air , this charming steam-pulp yarn chronicles the journey of archeologist Amelia Harsh as she searches for the fabled kingdom of Camlantis. Bad-boy tycoon Abraham Quest finances the journey; does he merely want to test his new airships, or is something more devious going on? Amelia is joined by Commodore Black and his crew, who have escaped a horrifying underwater debtor’s prison, as well as Amazon-like warrior Veryann, but even they may be no match for sabotage, fierce native attacks (spurred by the actions of the expedition’s lunatic steamman guide, Ironshanks), furious thunder lizards and forced service to the insectile Daggish. Wildly imaginative and compelling, Amelia’s journey plays out against a backdrop of civil war and failed rebellion, layered and complex treachery and love in surprising corners. (Aug.)