cover image All That Lives Must Die

All That Lives Must Die

Eric Nylund, Tor, $14.99 paper (704p) ISBN 978-0-7653-2304-0

Following the events of 2009's Mortal Coils, 15-year-old twins Fiona and Eliot Post—children of Lucifer and the goddess Atropos—come into their powers at the onset of a vast battle between supernatural entities. Forced to enroll in an ultra-competitive magical school called Paxington, where even gym class can prove lethal, the twins encounter such mysterious, dangerous, and intriguing characters as headmistress Miss Weston and gym teacher Mister Ma, while learning more about familiar characters like slick Uncle Henry and Lucifer himself. Nylund masterfully blends the mundane details of studying with an epic war in Hell, and with similar skill portrays Fiona and Eliot's sibling bond even as their political and romantic interests diverge. Nylund has hit his stride, piling on the plot developments, but never losing sight of the standout characterizations that made the first book memorable. (July)