cover image The Dinosaur Knights

The Dinosaur Knights

Victor Milán. Tor, $26.99 (448p) ISBN 978-0-7653-3297-4

Milán begins right where he left off at the end of The Dinosaur Lords, with everything in the Europe-like land of the Empire of Nuevaropa in disarray, and then turns the action up another notch, mixing medieval troops with dinosaur-mounted knights and zombie-like Crusaders. His heroes, mercenary captain Karyl Bogomirskiy and dinosaur master Rob Korrigan, once again take up their leadership of the ragtag forces defending the pacifists in the Garden of Beauty and Truth and the nearby town of Providence from Count Guillaume of Crève Couer. Imperial princess Melodía and her servant and friend, Pilar, complete their escape from the treacherous Duke Falk von Hornberg and arrive in Providence, hoping for sanctuary. In the west, rumors of Grey Angels, mysterious servants of the Creators, inspire the Duke and Emperor Felipe to combine their army with that of Melodía’s lover, Count Jaume dels Flors. They hope that by scouring the realm of the supposedly sinful residents of Providence and the Garden, they can stave off a Grey Angel Crusade, in which the Grey Angels would turn humans into mindless killers. Milán continues writing terrific battle scenes that make full use of the knights’ saurian mounts. Those waiting for George R.R. Martin’s next book may find a new favorite in this explosive saga of brutal warfare and mythology come to life. Agent: Kay McCauley, Pimlico Agency. (July)