cover image The Revolutions

The Revolutions

Felix Gilman. Tor, $26.99 (416p) ISBN 978-0-7653-3717-7

Gilman's interplanetary adventure, occult thriller, and all-round ripping yarn follows the struggles of a young Victorian couple in the grip of dastardly intrigue. Young journalist Arthur Shaw and stenographer Josephine Bradman are drawn into a web of dangerous psychic experimentation that leads to Jo's spirit being exiled to one of the moons of Mars. To rescue her, Arthur is forced to rely on the schemes of secretive and manifestly untrustworthy Lord Atwood, while different factions of magicians fight a clandestine but deadly war in London. More occult treachery is revealed after Arthur and Atwood lead a band of explorers psychically projected to the surface of Mars. Jo, meanwhile, has entered the body of a Martian so she can warn Arthur of impending danger before it's too late. Gilman (The Rise of Ransom City) pulls one surprise after another out of his hat, winking slyly as he does so, and floods of action never let readers come up for air. A remarkable, hugely enjoyable performance. (Apr.)