cover image The Xeno Solution

The Xeno Solution

Nelson Erlick, . . Forge, $6.99 (439pp) ISBN 978-0-7653-4971-2

Xenotransplantation—in particular, transplanting tissue or organs from genetically altered pigs to people—is the promising premise of Erlick's near-future medical thriller. When Dr. Scott Merritt audits the records of the Institute for the Research of Animal Compatible Transplantations (IRACT), he discovers that not only have thousands benefited from the transplants but also other recipients have died from a deadly pig retrovirus that poses a devastating threat to the general populace. IRACT, looking to protect its monetary interests, tries to permanently silence Merritt, who's forced on the run. Erlick (Germline ) knows his medicine, as shown in the compelling descriptions of the virus's effects and how easily it spreads from one person to another. These scenes are made all the more chilling given today's too real fear of bioterrorism. Unfortunately, the infectious disease scenario gets lost amid all the car chases, kidnappings and torture by evil corporate executives. Agent, Susan Crawford. (Oct.)