cover image Horizon


Fran Wilde. Tor, $27.99 (416p) ISBN 978-0-7653-7787-6

Spanning the ground and sky in a city of spires where people sail between their towers grown from living bone on wings of silk, the conclusion to Wilde’s fantastical trilogy (after Cloudbound) takes on violent political divisions, ecological desolation, and the imminent death of the only world the characters have ever known. Unaware of the extent of the danger threatening the bone spires, political leader Macal is trying to breathe life into his desperate community. Below, a young woman named Kirit and her companions have survived a fall from the sky only to discover that their city’s progenitor, an unimaginably giant creature, is being crushed and starved by the weight of the towers. When disaster hastens the city’s demise, some of the fallen begin to climb, hoping to save those who still live above, but the solution they devise for evacuation seems needlessly complicated; there’s no plausible reason that most of the citizens can’t simply glide down on their own wings. Despite this flaw, fans of the series will be satisfied by its conclusion. (Sept.)