cover image Luna: Moon Rising

Luna: Moon Rising

Ian McDonald. Tor, $29.99 (448p) ISBN 978-0-7653-9147-6

McDonald concludes his Luna space opera trilogy in triumphant style, following Luna: Wolf Moon. In this near future, the Earth’s moon is controlled by five family corporations known as the Dragons. The central conflict between two members of the Cortas family, whose wealth comes from helium mining, plays out in a court case that takes an unexpected turn. Opposing forces advance very different futures for the Moon, including massive terraforming and creating a post-labor society whose citizens receive guaranteed incomes. The political intrigue never feels too abstract or removed from 21st-century Earth. Readers will appreciate the care McDonald takes with both worldbuilding and characterization, and will enjoy little touches such as giving an assassin the job title of Corporate Conflict Resolution Officer. Newcomers will have difficulty mastering the intricacies of the setting and story, as McDonald doesn’t provide even a short recap or cast of characters; however, fans of the prior books will find this wrap-up rewarding. Agent: Martha Millard, Martha Millard Agency. (Mar.)