cover image Killing Gravity

Killing Gravity

Corey J. White., $2.99 e-book (144p) ISBN 978-0-7653-9508-5

Mariam “Mars” Xi is a telekinetic loner, a “void-damned space witch” capable of crushing a ship with a flick of her fingers. She’s used to making her own way through the galaxy, accompanied only by her alien pet, Seven. But when a bounty hunter leaves her stranded in the void, her fate is entangled with that of the crew that rescues her: perceptive captain Squid, gruff soldier Trix, ex-military Mookie, and AI Einri, all of the scavenging ship Nova. Mariam finds out that the bounty hunter was hired by Sera, the woman who helped her escape from the base where both were experimented on as girls. While Mariam searches for Sera, Mephisto, the company that Mariam escaped from, gets its hands on the Nova crew. All of these elements collide in the final showdown, a glorious battle between Mariam and thousands of armed soldiers. This novella feels like a blockbuster, full of imaginative worldbuilding and fight sequences, but for all that flavor, there’s not much substance; the characters and relationships feel a little flat. It’s perfect for an airplane ride or an afternoon on a beach, and this world is ripe for multiple sequels. (May)