cover image The Emperor’s Wolves

The Emperor’s Wolves

Michelle Sagara. Mira, $16.99 trade paper (512p) ISBN 978-0-7783-0991-8

Sagara’s exciting first Wolves of Elantra fantasy, a prequel to her Chronicles of Elantra series, follows the Wolves, the executioners’ division of Elantra’s Halls of Law, as they hunt for the culprit of a two-decades-old murder. While Elluvian, an immortal Barrani, is out spying on a member of the Hawks, another division of the Halls of Law, he notices he’s not the only one snooping: human Severn Handrid is also watching the Hawks, apparently interested in the girl they are guarding. Impressed that Severn is able to remain undetected, Elluvian recruits him to the Wolves, a multistep process that involves a long period of probation. While still on probation, Severn joins the murder investigation, one of the most difficult cases the Wolves have ever had. In the course of his investigation, he’s nearly killed by Barrani, upsets leaders of other races, and risks the trust of Ybelline, the future leader of the Tha’alani, a race that can read minds, allowing her to experience his darkest secret. Both new readers and Sagara’s long-time fans will be delighted to visit the land and people of Elantra. Agent: Russell Galen, Scovil Galen Ghost Literary. (Oct.)