cover image American Vampire

American Vampire

Jennifer Armintrout, Mira, $7.99 mass market (336p) ISBN 978-0-7783-2878-0

Armintrout (the Blood Ties series) traps GPS-challenged Graf McDonald, a tough-talking, chain-smoking vampire, in the town of Penance, Ohio, in this thin stand-alone. He's the first visitor in five years, as the community is being held in stasis by a monster called "It." After Graf saves 23-year-old Jessa from "It," she reluctantly allows him to hide from the sun in her basement. Having survived five years with few resources other than what she can trade for or grow, Jessa doesn't want to turn to Graf for help, but they come to lean on each other as the other locals target them for sacrifice. Armintrout wisely holds off on revealing the secrets of "It," allowing Graf to grow emotionally as he and Jessa get closer, but aside from the unusual premise, there's not much to distinguish this from other dark paranormal romances. (Mar.)