Justice William J. Brennan, Jr.: Freedom First

Roger Goldman, Author, David Gallen, With Carroll & Graf Publishers $24.95 (374p) ISBN 978-0-7867-0069-1
Like Thurgood Marshall: Justice for All , which St. Louis University School of Law professor Goldman coauthored, this is not a biography but a miscellany: 12 previously published essays, mainly by former law clerks, reflecting on the vastly influential Supreme Court justice who served from 1956 to 1990; a competent, medium-length piece elucidating Brennan's jurisprudence; and the texts of 15 major opinions, both dissents and concurrences, that Brennan authored. The collection provides worthy material for Court watchers: Appeals Court Judge Abner Mikva labels the justice not liberal but ``Brennanist,'' meaning one who influences colleagues and builds coalitions; former clerks uniformly attest to his integrity and concern for others; Brennan's major opinions--in 1960s cases regarding freedom of the press, ``one man one vote'' reapportionment and due process regarding government benefits--emerged from the Warren Court's center. However, this book lacks substantive reflections by Brennan and a biographical report on the forces shaping his life. Gallen coauthored Remembering Malcolm. (Sept.)
Reviewed on: 08/01/1994
Release date: 08/01/1994
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