The Last Pendragon

Robert Rice, Author Walker & Company $19.95 (209p) ISBN 978-0-8027-1180-9
In solid, straightforward prose, first-novelist Rice spins a variation on the Arthurian legend, opening as Arthur is mortally wounded in a battle during which he kills his turncoat son Medraut. Near death, Arthur bids the knight Bedwyr to cast the magical sword, Caliburn, into a lake, but Bedwyr disobeys and hides it in a tree. Returning to the British Isles 11 years later from a stint in Rome, Bedwyr meets Arthur's grandson--evil Medraut's only surviving son--Irion. Although Irion begs Bedwyr to help the Britons in their lethal rivalry with the Saxons, the mistrustful Bedwyr refuses and goes off to seek Caliburn, missing from the tree. His quest parallels Irion's desperate attempts to rally forces against the enemy residing in the fortress of Camelot. A fine storyteller, Rice employs the right magic touches (a magnificent white steed, a damsel in distress, an owl that may be the wizard Myrddin, a hidden cave and a valiant showdown at Camelot) in this winning tale of heroism, glory and romance. (Feb.)
Reviewed on: 01/01/1992
Release date: 01/01/1992
Genre: Fiction
Hardcover - 342 pages - 978-1-56054-432-6
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