cover image Winnie's War

Winnie's War

Jenny Moss, Author . Walker $16.99 (178p) ISBN 978-0-8027-9819-0

Winnie has always been confident that she can look out for herself and her two younger sisters, but her abilities are tested when the influenza pandemic of 1918 sweeps through her small Texas town. The turbulent atmosphere pushes people's strengths and weaknesses to the surface, especially those of her withdrawn mother, mysteriously traumatized since a catastrophic hurricane in her childhood. Desperate to find a way to save those they love, Winnie and a friend assume more responsibility than the adults around them. First-novelist Moss brings poetic language to this story, skillfully mirroring the internal pains and afflictions of influenza in the landscape of Texas. As Winnie learns the many ways in which death changes life, she—in sharp contrast to her mother—discovers “how to let the good and the sad live side by side.” As sorrowful as the subject matter is, the author treats it romantically: she weights the meaningful relationships and the beautiful moments, and lets the losses pass as quickly as they can. Ages 10–14. (Feb.)