cover image Garmann’s Secret

Garmann’s Secret

Stian Hole. Eerdmans, $17 (50p) ISBN 978-0-8028-5400-1

In Garmann’s third coming-of-age story, Hole tells a euphoric story of first love. Each time Garmann’s eyes meet Johanna’s, a “nice tingle spreads through his body.” When Johanna takes Garmann into the woods to show him what she believes is a space capsule, they create a wondrous world of their own, pondering nature and metaphysical questions, and even sharing a kiss. The dreamlike photo-collage artwork mixes contemporary images with ones borrowed from the past (Elvis and other vintage figures can be seen in a local parade), as well as botanical and astrological prints, for a heightened, surreal effect. Ages 6–10. (Feb.)