Hidden Toys

Amanda Leslie, Author Dial Books $6.95 (26p) ISBN 978-0-8037-0568-5
The format of these two books is the same: on the left side of the spread are colors resembling a tissue-paper collage, arranged in undefinable shapes. The spread's right side is a solid white page from which the silhouette of an object has been cut. By flipping the white page over the collage, a brightly hued toy or animal is carved in color. A follow-up page names the object in sturdy block printing. The concept behind these books is imaginative, if incomplete: some children will find the prodding to ``Guess who we are?'' frustrating, because the collage forms offer no clues (except in the case of a teddy bear) as to what the shape may be. The questions do add to the game-like structure of the books, and for parents and lap-sitters, that will inspire play. Ages 2-6. (May)
Reviewed on: 02/27/1989
Release date: 03/01/1989
Genre: Children's
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