cover image More Than Enough: A Passover Story

More Than Enough: A Passover Story

April Halprin Wayland, illus. by Katie Kath. Dial, $16.99 (40p) ISBN 978-0-8037-4126-3

No Passover seder is complete without a rousing rendition of “Dayenu” (“It would have been enough”), a song of gratitude for everything God did in redeeming the Israelites from slavery. Wayland (New Year at the Pier) and Kath (Penelope Perfect) give “Dayenu” an even broader meaning, explaining the song as “a reminder to be aware of and grateful for the blessings in each moment.” Accordingly, as one family prepares for and celebrates Passover, “Dayenu” becomes a way of marking each step and giving it a heightened significance. There’s shopping in a bountiful farmers’ market (“We wander the market surrounded by colors—dayenu”); making charoset together (“We chop apples and walnuts and mix in the grape juice—dayenu”); and the seder itself, with all its rituals and delicious food (“There are matzoh balls, chicken, and jellied fruit slices—dayenu”). Kath’s scenes of Jewish home life exude an easygoing buoyancy and warmth, with just enough humor and detail to make readers eager to find their own “Dayenu” moments. Ages 3–5. [em]Author’s agent: Marietta Zacker, Nancy Gallt Literary Agency. Illustrator’s agent: Justin Rucker, Shannon Associates. (Mar.) [/em]