Cecil B. Murphey, Author SEEKING GOD'S HIDDEN FACE: When God Seems Absent

When Christians feel abandoned by God, is this because God actually has retreated from them? In short answer, no, asserts Murphey (Gifted Hands; Rebel with a Cause), who has been on the receiving end of the divine silent treatment for three lengthy periods of his own life. During those times, Murphey banged on God's door awaiting some sign that he was being heard. He says that while it may seem that God doesn't care and has put up a wall against Christians' prayers and petitions, it just isn't so. With lucid eloquence, he describes how Christians often must endure a series of progressive growth steps to reach the light of new freedom and richer communion with Christ. He expounds on the desperate aloneness and resulting confusion many Christians experience in these dark nights of the soul. Murphey believes that Christians often get stuck midpoint as they nurture their own injurious feelings, while God wants to press the knife a bit deeper and release the poison within to ensure complete wholeness and healing. Each chapter can stand alone in fine devotional format, yet Murphey's own journey is highlighted in such neat sequential order that readers will benefit from perusing each chapter consecutively. This book will help alienated, hurting Christians discover a friendly hand reaching out and leading them through even the most silent of times. (May)

Reviewed on: 04/09/2001
Release date: 05/01/2001
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