cover image The Deeper Journey: The Spirituality of Discovering Your True Self

The Deeper Journey: The Spirituality of Discovering Your True Self

M. Robert Mulholland. InterVarsity, $12 (168pp) ISBN 978-0-8308-3277-4

Tapping into the desire many Christians have for a deeper spiritual life, Asbury Theological Seminary professor Mulholland (Invitation to a Journey ) begins at the end goal of the discipleship journey—"to be like Jesus." But picturing something far beyond wearing a "WWJD" bracelet, he explains that being like Jesus actually implies a deep unity with God. Using scripture and quotations from many famous Christian writers, he paints a picture of profound and even mysterious connection with God. The book's strength lies in its powerful description of the "false self" that all humans construct as a result of their estrangement from God. Using biblical foundations and ordinary life, Mulholland illustrates various characteristics of the "false self," which makes us fearful, protective, possessive, manipulative, destructive, self-promoting and indulgent. He follows with an excellent discussion of the extremely sneaky religious version of the "false self." But beyond "putting off the old self," Mulholland gives direction for "putting on the new self," repeatedly emphasizing that this transformation is and must remain God's work in our lives. Central to his conclusion is his argument that this change absolutely must be lived out in relationship to other people. The prayers and probing questions interspersed throughout provide a very personal invitation into this deeper journey. (Feb.)