cover image Real Life: 
A Christianity Worth Living Out

Real Life: A Christianity Worth Living Out

James Choung. InterVarsity, $16 trade paper (225p) ISBN 978-0-8308-3654-3

Juggling work and family, looking for a more meaningful career, discussing religion in a society that doesn’t respect faith—this is “real life” for today’s Christian. In his latest book, Choung, national director of Asian American Ministries for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, addresses these concerns while offering a way for Christian communities to bridge differences in spiritual maturity among believers. Using the easygoing narrative style of his previous book (True Life), Choung’s fictional characters walk the reader through the steps of the Christian life from unbelief through conversion. The steps make up what he calls the “Real Life Continuum,” a model (really, a diagram) that merges into one cycle the practice of bringing in new Christians and the mentoring of longtime Christians. When tailored to the needs of different generations, Choung writes, the model can help guide new Christians while also inspiring longtime members to grow and influence others. Such important discussions call for reflection, yet Choung relegates study questions to the back of the book. Still, the book’s conversational tone, relevance to today’s issues, and tangible solutions make this an important read for both ministers and laypersons who seek more unified and better motivated Christian communities. (Dec.)