Faithful Anti-Racism: Moving Past Talk to Systemic Change

Chad Brennan and Christina Edmondson. IVP, $25 (248p) ISBN 978-0-8308-4723-5
Brennan, founder of the racial justice–focused nonprofit Renew Partnerships, and Edmondson, cohost of the Truth’s Table podcast, make a convincing case for Christianity’s central role in the “taxing” work of racial unity. Despite the subtitle, the advice and measurements of improvement they provide are built on a foundation of communication: designed to “prompt dialogue,” each chapter concludes with a prayer and discussion questions. The authors analyze the ways many Christians rely on an outdated and dysfunctional “cultural toolkit” to assess (and too often dismiss) racism and institutional discrimination, then go on to lay out “essential elements of having a biblical, effective approach” to antiracism. They encourage readers to take vocal, public stands in support of antiracist legislation, such as “laws that protect foreign workers, including those who are not legal residents” or against predatory lending practices. Pedagogic rather than polemical, the arguments are both logical and scriptural, and feature biblical quotes along with data from surveys, statistics, and interviews. The authors take to task Christianity’s shameful complicity in the institution of slavery, and hold up Martin Luther King Jr., “our country’s most famous Christian activist,” as a paradigm of religiously inspired social justice. While it has an unmistakable Christian perspective, much here will resonate with people of all faiths who are dedicated to racial justice.  (Feb.)
Reviewed on : 11/19/2021
Release date: 02/01/2022
Genre: Religion
Book - 1 pages - 978-0-8308-4724-2
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