cover image Reconcile: Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians

Reconcile: Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians

John Paul Lederach. Herald Press (, $14.99 trade paper (220p) ISBN 978-0-8361-9903-1

In an update of The Journey Toward Reconciliation (1999), Lederach (The Moral Imagination: Art and Soul of Building Peace) uses biblical stories to demonstrate what reconciliation and peace building look like. Jacob, for example, made himself vulnerable in moving toward Esau, a brother he knew he had wronged. Jesus was an active listener who accepted people from all stations of life. Lederach reframes Matthew’s advice about treating an unrepentant Christian transgressor as a Gentile or tax collector to mean that we should eat with and associate with those with whom we are in conflict. Lederach uses his own experiences as a scholar and hands-on mediator who has participated in reconciliation efforts in Latin America and Africa to help readers understand how we can move toward—not away—from our enemies. When his own daughter’s life was threatened, Lederach came to realize the potential cost of reconciliation. Written in a simple style, his analysis is both emotionally powerful and full of practical advice and resources. (Aug.)