cover image Flame Riders

Flame Riders

Sean Grigsby. Angry Robot, $9.99 mass market (400p) ISBN 978-0-85766-901-8

Grigsby’s final Smoke Eaters urban fantasy (after Ash Kickers) is resplendent with action and adventure. It’s now well after Emergence Day, when dragons of all stripes made themselves known to humans and sent the world into catastrophe. Guillermo “Gilly” Contreras works for the New United States Army, a mercenary organization formed to slay the scalies and keep some semblance of peace—and he hates it. Bullied by his fellow soldiers during the army’s long, cold marches, the only thing that keeps Gilly going are the legends of smoke eaters, outlaws with the magical ability to withstand dragon fire. After he finally gains the respect of his squad-mates, an unfortunate encounter with his sergeant sends him fleeing into the wilds of Wisconsin—and straight into the arms of a conspiracy led by the same smoke eaters the military persecutes. The emotional elements of the plot are a touch thin, but familiar faces will please longtime fans, and Gilly makes for a delightful addition to the cast as he comes of age in an impossible place and time. The result is a series finale as fun as it is satisfying. [em]Agent: John Jarrold, John Jarrold Literary. (June) [/em]