cover image The Last Blade Priest

The Last Blade Priest

W.P. Wiles. Angry Robot, $14.99 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-0-85766-982-7

Wiles (Plume) delivers an impressive epic fantasy that evidences his background writing about architecture; the careful construction of both the plot and the world’s physical features make suspending disbelief easy. The story focuses on two very different characters: Inar Astarsso, the chief builder for the Kingdom of Mishig-Tenh, whose life was shattered by accusations that his father betrayed his people; and Anton, blade priest for a decadent religion that worships Craithe, the God Mountain. Two years prior, Mishig-Tenh lost a war to the League of Free Cities because Inar’s father disclosed a vulnerability in the walls of the kingdom’s capital. Inar survived the retribution that killed his father, but remains at risk of losing his life, and thus has no choice but to accept an assignment to spy on the League. Meanwhile, Anton struggles with the demands of the monstrous creatures guarding Craithe, who require a return to human sacrifice. Wiles takes his time having his protagonists’ cross paths, but the payoff is worth the wait. This gripping novel demonstrates the value of thoughtful, well-planned worldbuilding. Agent: Antony Topping, Greene & Heaton. (July)